Conventions Over, Down The Home Stretch

There are a lot of people panicking in Democratic circles right about now.  Hopefully not Senator Obama and David Ploufe.

In many ways this campaign is like a boxing match between two excellent counter punchers.

Both Obama and McCain tend to be better when they are viewed as an underdog.  Senator Obama can more easily rouse his supporters if they think that they are behind, if they think that the campaign and “movement” is facing long odds.

John McCain also tends to knuckle down and becomes a better candidate when he is far behind.  He is not comfortable with being the “winner,” as anyone who saw him alternately grin and grimace during his acceptance speech will have observed.

Plus, America loves an underdog.  We kind of adopt candidates and teams that are looking to rise from rags to riches.  It’s in the American DNA.

So who IS the underdog in this race?  I would have to say that it is Barack Obama.

John McCain is a rich, white, war hero with a long record in Washington and is backed 100% by the current administration.  He wants to maintain the status quo in the nation’s capital.

Senator Obama is trying to lead a reform movement to take the government of the United States in a new direction.  He is a black man, a young man, and someone who does not have a great deal of experience in D.C..

It is still my strong belief that the election – at least in the Electoral College – will not really be all that close on Election Night.  But I also thought that George Bush would lose twice.