Caught in a Trap

In many ways the McCain campaign keeps surprising me with their total misunderstanding of how things work.

Sure the Palin pick “ignited” the conservative base, but the conservative base isn’t going to get John McCain elected now, is it?  And Sarah Palin?  I mean, come on!  She’s running around from gaffe to gaffe and revelation after revelation about some extremely negative things in her background both personal and political…

Now this melodramatic “suspension” of his campaign and the potential canceling of the debate if there is no deal on Capitol Hill today, coupled with the impression that it was McCain’s fault that there is no deal in the first place!

A complete political disaster for the McCain campaign, although it is currently endearing him to the radical right of the GOP, but again, that is of very little value unless he feels the need to make money selling his next book “I Sacrificed My Chance to be President to Do What Was Right…” on Fox TV and WABC Radio next year.

There are two possible explanations.

First, his campaign team may not be quite as ready to run a national campaign as they thought, and worse, they may think that they are brilliant in that echo chamber kind of world that political pundits often live in.  They may honestly have believed that all of this was tremendous political strategy and that they now have Obama “right where we want him…”

Or, they may be like a football team that is two touchdowns down with two minutes to go, throwing deep into coverage on every play hoping against hope that somehow they score.  That IS a possibility, but they must have some internal polling that runs a great deal counter to what is out there in the media, something they absolutely rely on as being accurate, something none of the rest of us have.

Ultimately political historians will get a chance to look at the facts and decide which of these two options (or maybe an unknown third option) it actually is.

My quick assessment here is that McCain’s team has failed him time and time again…