Blaming McCain

I just caught a brief glimpse of Rahm Emmanuel on Olbermann, and he was striking a note that it seems to me Democrats ought to be driving home all day tomorrow and through the Sunday shows; John McCain scuttled a bailout agreement to help his campaign.

Follow the timeline. This morning, John McCain says  “I cannot carry on a campaign as though this dangerous situation had not occurred, or as though a solution were at hand, which it clearly is not.” Literally hours later, Republican Senator Richard Bennett and Democrat Chris Dodd announced that an agreement has been worked out in principle. So McCain has a meeting with House Republicans, after which John Boehner announces that there is, in fact, no agreement. McCain and House Republicans then decided to float their own proposal, even though House and Senate leaders of both parties were working together on something else at the same time.

It’s not hard to figure out what happened here. Sarah Palin had a disaster of an interview with Katie Couric. I mean literally awful. She actually said the bailout was going to help people “concerned about the healthcare reform” for crying out loud. I also suspect the McCain campaign realized there was a debate tomorrow night and that they hadn’t yet done any serious prep work for it. So they panicked and announced  that this crisis was so bad that they were “suspending” the campaign to work on it. Of course, they didn’t actually suspend anything, but they continued to insist that they just couldn’t debate tomorrow night. They could, however, debate Tuesday night, and would be happy to “postpone” the VP debate to accomodate it. In other words, the whole thing was started because Palin said a lot of dumb things, and the point is to get the VP debate cancelled so she doesn’t say even more stupid things on a larger medium.

And McCain is just fine with scuttling a legislative agreement most people agree is imperative in some form or another to do that. After all, he’s the most honorable politician ever who always puts “country first.” And if you don’t like it, well John McCain didn’t have a bank to get a subprime mortage from for 5 1/2 years when he was a POW, so suck it up.