At Least Be More Clever With The Title

A dated story by now, sure, but running across it today left a burning desire to comment. To start with a comment from one of the right wing crank Malkin’s fellow travellers

It has come to my attention that Jihadis organized a campaign against us to have our videos removed by You Tube. Some people’s accounts have even been terminated. I don’t know exactly how the You Tube suspension system works, but it looks like a video will be removed if it gets a certain number of complaints (which may be accepted without investigation), and an account gets closed when the third video is removed. One of my videos was recently removed for “inappropriate content.” The video, ‘It’s In The Koran’ could be viewed at, second screen (alternative video source). This video contains no sexually explicit content and could only be offensive to Muslims who reject any notion of criticism. At the same time, many al-Qaeda propaganda videos, Nazi videos, etc. are posted on You Tube.

First things first, Al-Queda spends it time trying to censor what a bunch of bigots post on the internet? Really. I always imagined, being terrorists and all, they probably were focused on planning and performing terrorist attacks. Crazy thought, that. And yes, the people posting those videos are bigots. They claim to be opposed to “jihad”, a word they attempt to strip of all meaning (just like they try to do with treason, but that’s another story for another day), but every comment they make has nothing to do opposition to extremism and violence, but instead helping further the cause of violent extremists by saying Al-Queda and other like-minded groups are the true representatives of all of Islam, and that all the rest are fakes. Of course, the same people become outraged if that standard is applied to their own faith (the persons are, almost always, evangelical Christians). Outrage flows when they’re linked to terrorist attacks over the years that have killed a sizable number of Americans. But really, at the end of the day, comparing a billion people to the Nazis? What could be offensive about that?