Albatross!!…Part deux

From yesterday’s KC Star:

Prominent Republicans skipping Bush event in Kansas

WASHINGTON | President Bush will be in Kansas for a fundraiser on Thursday, but several of the state’s top Republicans are skipping the event.

Both of the state’s Republican senators are taking a pass, as are both GOP congressmen. They say the luncheon with Bush, whose popularity is at record lows, conflicts with prior commitments.

Ok, first off, this is the President holding a fundraiser in their state. You’d think they might be a little more flexible with their schedules.

Second, here’s why one of Kansas’ representatives won’t be there:

…Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt plans to spend time with his family, spokeswomen for the lawmakers said.

Where have we heard that phrase before? And why the need to “spend time with family” on a workday in the middle of the week?