About That Plane

Sarah Palin is a pretty amazing liar, there’s no doubt about that, but I have to confess I can’t quite get the outrage over her statement that she “put the state executive jet on EBay.” Yes it’s an exaggeration, but it’s the typical political exaggeration wherein a politician takes something that’s fundamentally true, Palin did put the jet on EBay, and allows a misconception to take hold from that, that the state made money. But this doesn’t really reflect all that poorly on Palin, to my mind. After all, if we’re not contending that Palin was wrong to sell the jet in the first place, it’s not her fault a buyer didn’t exist on EBay, nor that sufficient demand didn’t exist in the market for the state to make a profit on a used luxury jet. Indeed, it seems rather silly to assume a state could turnĀ a profit on selling a used asset. When’s the last time you sold a car for more than it cost you to buy? On the other hand, it does reflect poorly on John McCain, who has contended, and continues to contend, that the state of Alaska made a profit on the sale of the jet. John McCain clearly either doesn’t know the facts surrounding the story, or does know them and is just fine running around lying about it over and over. And Palin is apparently content to let him. So I guess that’s bad enough.