A New Electoral Map?

This is just an idea that is ruminating around in my head at this point, without a whole lot of empirical evidence to support it, but it is possible that we are looking at the shaping of a new electoral map in 2008.

The last one was effectively forged by Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” and has help pretty solidly since then.

Now, however, we can expect that Barack Obama will be able to put real pressure on the states in the South, maybe winning in VA, NC, TN, AR, and LA.  If he utilizes Bill Richardson to the maximum advantage, CO, NM, NV, FL and perhaps TX can be in play.

John McCain, on the other hand seems to be attempting to move to the center to try to win PA and OH, maybe try for NJ.

This might be the new demographics the authors of “The Coming Democratic Majority” were talking about when they wrote that study a few years ago, but it seems to me that we are all of a sudden looking at a post white majority United States.

Can you imagine an electoral map where McCain wins PA, OH, FL, TX and CA and still loses the election?  I can.

From where I sit, that’s a pretty good thing.