A Good Night for Democrats

There was drama, there was political graciousness after defeat and there were some great speeches!

What an historic moment to watch as Hillary Clinton moved to nominate Barack Obama by acclamation!  The first time in history that we have an African-American nominee of a major party for President of the United States.  From this point forward now, we (at least we Democrats) can judge a candidate by fully and solely the content of their character, by the force of their intellect, and by the policies they espous, leaving their skin color to have as much importance as their hair color.  A great day to be an American!

President Clinton gave a great speech.  this line: “We do best when the world sees the power of our example and not an example of our power…” Wow!  Does that ever encapsulate the difference between Democratic ideals and what passes for Republican ideals these days.

John Kerry gave an excellent speech as well, particularly where he pointed out how much McCain has flip flopped on major issues.  His self deprecating humor will make that something people will remember, and his suggestion that John McCain needs to complete his debate with himself before he debates Obama was spot on!

More later…