Why I Hate Marc Halperin

I meant to write this right when I saw it, it sent me into such epic fits of shouting at the TV, but the baby needed to be fed and the dog taken outside, and now CAP and Yglesias have beaten me to it.

Anyway, to sum it up, the panel on This Week are talking about McCain’s house gaffe, and here comes Marky Marc to say that he thinks it will go down as one of the worst moments in the campaign for Obama. How does someone come to such a seemingly dumb conclusion you ask? Simple, it “opens the door” for McCain to bring up Rezko/Wright/Ayers. Which seems dumb enough, but he compounds it by saying that, had Obama not gone after a cleary out of touch element of John McCain, it would have been hard for McCain to bring them up with the “king of campaign McCain promised to run.” He also noted that the media didn’t raise any hackles when McCain shot back with an ad bringing up Rezko.

Now, my response on that is two-fold. First, I don’t know if Halperin has actually been watching the campaign (actually I’m sure he has, which makes it worse), but McCain abandoned his “civilized” promise a long, long time ago. And as for the media not talking about the Rezko ad (which means not criticizing it from Halperin’s perspective), the only thing I’ll point out is they’re not talking about it because they’re talking about Obama. The Rezko response was completely lost between the original comment and the VP announcement. No one saw it!

Anyway, Halperin is a pretty good example of why punditry is so bad. After Drudge, Halperin’s The Page bulletin board might be the go-to place for election headlines for other journalists to cover, which means that Halperin’s ridiculous absurdity permeates just about every news outlet there is. NBC is lucky they’ve got Chuck Todd in house to avoid having to rely on dolts like Halperin. And, on that note, has anyone else noticed how amazingly bad ABC’s election coverage has been? I mean, you’d think they wouldn’t be all that terrible with Donna Brazille and Steph hanging around, but they’ve been truly awful. They, of course, had the Gotcha debate, and now Halperin and Cokie Roberts are embarrassing them by proximity. And they got totally snubbed by the debate committee, getting no one from the network on the docket to moderate any of the debates. If this election cycle has been a boon to cable news, and MSNBC in particular, it’s been a nightmare thus far for ABC.