When’s It Going to Be Said?

Is anyone going to stand up and point out the obvious; that once again John McCain is demonstrating that he simply doesn’t know anything? John Judis gets close:

McCain has consistently refused to acknowledge that Russia’s turn toward an aggressive nationalism was triggered at all by American moves to expand NATO, abrogate the anti-missile treaty, build a pipeline through Georgia bypassing Russia, and a new anti-missile system in Eastern Europe. For McCain, it’s simply a product of Vladimir Putin’s evil intentions. That kind of outlook could fuel a new Cold War.

In truth, there is very little that the U.S., already entangled in two wars of its own,  can do to end the war in Georgia. But over the next years, the U.S. is going to have to tread very carefully in its relations with Russia – on one hand, discouraging Russian aggression beyond its borders but, on other hand, recognizing that the U.S. cannot hope to create a military alliance and a set of client states on Russia’s border without provoking severe reaction. McCain is entirely focused on deterring Putin and Russia–he dismisses older Russian fears of encirclement–and that’s a reason to worry about the foreign policy of a McCain administration.