Warner’s Keynote

Ok, it has been officially announced that Mark Warner s going to give the Democratic keynote (high five!) address at the convention. Some are already fretting over Warner’s rather, shall we say, dry speakig style, and noting that he’ll probably be drowned out by Hillary Clinton. My response; that’s sort of the point.

Look, Warner’s a guy who has no competition at all for his Senate race and is insanely popular in his state. That means he’s likely to be a visible Democrat in Washington with a good amount of room to vote as he likes for the next 15-20 years, or better. He’s got leadership written all over him, and a keynote address is a great way to boost national visibility, especially if he nails it. Then again, recent keynotes have been all over the place. Harold Ford didn’t exactly capitalize on his 2000 address, mostly because Ford is just a Clinton pawn and DLC bitch. Barack Obama, obviously, has capitalized on the moment in spades. Warner isn’t exactly an overwhelming speaker to be sure, so he’s unlikely to generate a flurry of attention and gusto with his speech, in which case you compensate by havinf Hillary speak on the same night, a move sure to create plenty of buzz. It’s very good programming really.