Veeping Calendars

Apparently John McCain wants to make me prescient, as Jonathan Martin is reporting that, in all likelihood, the McCain campaign is going to let Obama pick his VP first. This could be a head fake, but if it’s true then Obama should use it like a sledgehammer. The opening ceremony for the Olympics is Friday night, which makes tomorrow a really, really good time to roll out your VP, as McCain would be in a very, very tough spot. If he rolls his out later in the day, or even on Wednesday, he looks like he’s reacting and it is once again clear that Obama is driving events. But if he waits until Thursday, he risks being drowned out by early Olympics coverage. I haven’t really bought the idea that the Olympian activities will blackout politics in the age of 24/7 news cycles and blogs-run-amok, but that’s still the perception so I assume it holds for the campaigns. With that in mind, Obama rolling out his veep tomorrow or Wednesday would effectively nullify the potential bounce for McCain, as there would be no good time left for McCain. He’d either have to do it right after Obama/right before the Olympics, minimizing the attention the pick would get (especially if it was a lesser known national quantity), or he’d have to wait for the convention. Presumably he wouldn’t even think about making the pick during the Democratic convention.

So if I’ve got anyone’s ear, hurry the hell up.