Alright, I’ve come around; John McCain lost the election in a big way when he picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate. How do I know that all of a sudden? Even K-Lo can’t defend it!

As much as I loathe Obama-Biden, I can’t in good conscience vote for a McCain-Palin ticket.  Palin has absolutely no experience in foreign affairs.  Considering both McCain’s advanced age and the state of the world today, it is essential that the veep be exceedingly qualified to assume the office of president.  I simply don’t have any confidence in Palin’s ability to deal effectively with Iran, Russia, China, etc.  I certainly will not cast a vote for Obama-Biden, but nor will I vote for McCain-Palin.  Looks like I’ll either sit this one out or vote for Bob Barr.

That’s right. The VP nominee of the Republican Party is radically pro-life, anti gay rights, reaks of tokenism, cheerleads for creationism in science classes, mutters “drill here, drill now” in her sleep, and right on down the list of right-wing orthodoxy…and even Kathryn Jean Lopez can’t figure out how to defend her. This is the woman who was asserting that Rick Santorum was going to be re-elected within days of the 2006 election!

Now I do suppose their could be a bit of a personal angle involved here. K-Lo is a Catholic League Catholic in good standing, and Palin is an evangelical. There’s not a lot of love for the latter from the former. But, I mean, I don’t know what else to say. It’s K-Lo!