Tom Brokaw

If for no other reason than forcing me to defend Chris Matthews, albeit being totally pompous is good enough most of the time, I officially can’t stand Tom Brokaw. Now he’s saying that Olbermann and Matthews have gone too far on MSNBC.

Now let me qualify; I detest Chris Matthews. The man is a complete idiot who is alarmingly insecure with himself and who confuses his own personal stereotypes for informed political thinking. As far as Olbermann goes, I think he’s unserious and extremely partisan, and I don’t particularly care for what his unabashed liberal slant to Countdown says about the future of cable news. But the bottom line is that they’re both supposed to give their opinion and, for the most part, they’re clearly labeled as such. Brokaw, on the other hand, is just a lazy, pompous, self-styled elite who enables politicians, and a trained journalist who has somehow fashioned some idea that he’s really a super-informed electoral commentator, and thereby has done as much as anyone to infuse the campaigns with the level of inanity we’ve seen in the modern era.