Things We Don’t Need to Do

I’m not one to disagree with the implied sensibilities of Think Progress, but I do disagree with the implication that it’s a bad thing Condi Rice hasn’t been to Georgia. Simply put, an American diplomat of Rice’s stature traveling to Georgia to handle the situation is only going to exacerbate the situation on Russia’s part, as it would, at least in their eyes, vindicate the notion that the point of America interaction with Georgia is to estaslish an American proxy on Russia’s border. I’m increasingly getting the impression that American commentors really do not understand what a big deal this is to Russia, which is rather strange since Russia’s almost neurotic fear of encirclement isn’t exactly a secret you need a PhD to know of.

In any event, if the United States is going to take such a direct diplomatic role, it needs to be done in Moscow, not from Georgia.