The Week

As a slight correction, I should have added a caveat when I accused the Obama campaign of mangling the Vice-Presidential process. If they wanted to pick Biden all along, as it were, then they did a pretty good job handling the rollout. They got a gift from God Thursday with McCain’s house quote, they didn’t step on it by rushing the VP out on Friday, and pulling out the VP on Saturday kept the weekend for them as well heading into the convention. So if you go Thursday to Thursday, they’ve gotten “7 Houses,” the VP rollout, and the convention, which makes it ndoubtedly the best week for Obama since the end of the primary.

If they wanted to go with Sebelius or Reed though, they could have rolled them out at the beginning of the month and spent the Olympic period defining them with the media. Ultimately it comes down to what they wanted to do in judging its effectiveness, but as it is it seems to have, fotunately, worked out rather well thanks to McCain.

Also, as an aside, how dumb was that text message idea? I mean, did they really think that the media wasn’t going to find out about it with that many reporters trying to get the scoop? Or better yet, did they think information seekers weren’t going to notice, say, the chartered flight from Midway to Delaware and back? And then they got put in the position of having to send the message in the middle of the night. It was a novel idea, I guess, but in the future I recommend they not put themselves in the position of being too-cute-by-half.