The Ones You Don’t Make

So I was giving some thought earlier to what the Yankees might want to do in the offseason, and I kept coming back in my head to wondering what they were planning for the recently demoted outfielder Melky Cabrera. A lot of people seem to think that, for all intents and purposes, the Yankees are done with him, but he does have some promise, and he was the only real defensive standout for the Bombers in the outfield, accounting for the fact that my 2 month old son throws better than Johnny Damon.

And then I remembered how the Twins were asking for Cabrera, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy in exchange for Johan Santana last winter, and how Hank Steinbrenner reportedly refused to trade away all 3 of them. And now where do we stand? Kennedy has been a disaster, and hasn’t even been able to pitch well in Triple-A, Cabrera was sent down to make room for Hideki Matsui’s return, and is hitting just above .200 with runners in scoring position this season, and while Hughes may still amount to something, he’s going to have injury concerns until he proves he can stay healthy. On the other hand, Santana has a 2.64 ERA, 153 strikeouts, is only 30 years old, and the Yankees are in desperate need of starting pitching.

God I hate Hank Steinbrenner.