The Hamdan Verdict and the Right

I was wondering how they were going to spin that one, leave it to Andy McCarthy to go straight for the crazy:

It is the worst sentence I have ever heard of.  It demonstrates an unseriousness about the war and the stakes involved.  It is a deep blow to those fighting to defend the commissions and for a different system for dealing with terrorists.  Why not send them to the civilian court system, critics will ask with great force.  After all, the judges there have shown they take terrorism seriously — they have routinely sentenced lesser players than a personal aide to bin Laden (one who kept him alive and helped sustain al Qaeda) to 30 and more years.

I don’t know what else to say about it.  It’s just a mind-boggling disgrace.

Of course, it was a panel of military officers who imposed the sentence. So, according to Andy McCarthy, the military officers who sat as a jury in this commission decided a “mind-boggling disgrace,” and don’t take terrorism seriously.

What happened to supporting the troops?