That’s So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

Guess who Jonah is talking about here:

I think at some point the disconnect between the country these people are describing and the country we actually live in is going to undermine the Democrats’ credibility.  

That’s right, Democrats.

This is why I don’t engage with the Cornerites so much as I ridicule them, and why I think that other liberals only help The Cornerites when they do engage them. There might be serious conservatives out there to be sure, but they don’t write for NRO. People contributing to The Corner are pure propagandists, who aren’t actually concerned with talking policy, or dealin with empirical questions, or thining through issues. Their task is to reflexively, endlessly, repeat right-wing talking points and obviously stupid things like this to keep the unwashed masses of conservative rubes repeating them instead of thinking. Otherwise the supply-side Republican working at a GM plant might realize that he’s not actually paid out of the CEO’s pocket, so the idea that cutting the CEO’s taxes to create more jobs doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, and they might start demanding that government work for them.