Sherrod Brown

Kathy picked up on my allusion to Sen. Brown’s vetting demons in response to David Sirota, and one of her commentor’s basically wants to know what I’m talking about.

I’m sort of loathe to get into the realm of publishing rumor as definitive fact based on personal knowledge that can’t be sourced, but to put it as broadly as I can, Brown’s a fairly well known womanizer, or at least there are a lot of rumors out there. There’s not a lot of talk about it locally, because no one really wants to go to print with it. Relationships between reporters, officials, and other members of the “political industrial complex” in Columbus are very cozy, and exploring it would embarrass a lot of people, to say nothing of bringing the good times to an end. But I imagine that won’t be enough to keep it away from the national press corps should Brown be a VP nominee. If nothing else, I can’t imagine that someone seriously vetting Brown wouldn’t come across a half dozen references to it in the first half hour or so, so I imagine this is reason number one why you’re not even hearing any meaningful discussion of Brown as a VP contender whatsoever.