Quick Sports Thoughts

1. It’s nice to be back on top, even if it was closer than it needed to be. I’m of course referring to the US winning the Gold Medal this morning.

To parse what this means quickly, it’d be nice, I suppose, to see Team USA develop more complete big men (how bad was Dwight Howard?), or learn to play a better set offense, but it seems pretty clear that if they can play good defense, along with their ability to run everyone else into the ground, it’s still going to be pretty hard to beat USA Basketball.

2. I’m watching the Yankees and Orioles play, and how bad does life suck for the O’s, being stuck in the AL East? Seriosuly, this i a good team. Nick Markakis and Luke Scott are really good young players, Kevin Millar is an excellent glove at first base, Melvin Mora and Brian Roberts can still go, and Ramon Hernandez has a very solid stick for a catcher. If you added a veteran shortstop and some solid pitching to this team, they could compete in pretty much any division…except the one they’re actually in.

And on that note, how bad is the Yankees bullpen? It sure would be nice if they had someone they could depend on to turn the ball over to Mo. Someone like, I don’t know, Joba Chamberlain!