Promised Access

Tim Pawlenty is getting awfully presumptuous, and he’s not even the Vice-Presidential nominee yet:

The Los Angeles Times notes today that “the practice of corporations and unions making big convention donations has a long tradition and is criticized by groups that want to limit the role of money in politics.” While both the Democratic and Republican party conventions feature lavish corporate-sponsored receptions, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) — the host of the Republican convention — is making an explicit pitch to corporate CEOs that he’s willing to sell access

In all seriousness though, this might actually kill Pawlenty’s VP prospects. Biden’s selection made him a much less attractive choice (Biden and Pawlenty debating foreign policy issues would have left a huge dent in McCain’s campaign narrative), but this is just begging to be teed up for corruptions/corporate cronyism. I kind of doubt it makes Romney any more palatable to McCain, and I have to say I’m sort of miffed that no one is talking about Charlie Crist anymore.

Although far be it from me to get upset about McCain’s campaign hurting their chances.