Please Try Harder

Well you have to give them some points for persistence, but then they lose it all for predicability. Here’s a blurb from Commentary arguing that the defeat of Senate candidate Vernon Jones in Georgia is a bad sign for Obama:

Politicians grabbing Barack Obama’s coattails should take note: In the Georgia democratic Senatorial primary runoff held yesterday, Jim Martin defeated Vernon Jones by 60% to 40%. Martin will now face the Republican senior Senator from Georgia, Saxby Chambliss, in November’s election. This doesn’t seem to bode well for Obama’s presidential quest. Jones’s campaign hoped to emulate Obama’s impressive primary victory in Georgia (he defeated Senator Hillary Clinton in Georgia, 66.4% to 31.1%), but now he’s failed to even make it to November’s ballot.

In fact, Jones distributed campaign paraphernalia consisting of a picture of himself and Obama, with the words “Yes We Can!” prominently scrawled underneath the photographs. Also, Jones sent a mass email meant to smear his opponent Martin.

Now, there’s just a few (obvious) problems here:

1. No one is really arguing that Obama has an edge in Georgia, that he’s likely to win it, or that he needs to win it.

2. As Halper feels obliged to point out, Obama won the Democratic primary in Georgia in a landslide.

3. I don’t know why this goes entirely unmentioned, but the picture in the mailer was photoshopped, which left Jones catching a lot of flak for dishonesty, and the Obama campaign made it abundantly clear that they had nothing to do with those mailers, that they weren’t particularly happy about it, and that Jones caught quite a bit of blowback from voters after Obama essentially cut out the entire thesis of his Obama-centric campaign. I’m sure it was an honest mistake, er, nevermind, it’s from Commentary.