I’m really starting to wonder if these people are intentionally misrepresenting the Georgian situation, or if they just legitimtely have their facts wrong. Case in point, Dean Barnett wants to know where Andrew’s outrage over the situation is. My counter; why should we be outrages? If we’re actually going to couch our positions from the stance of moral concern, you’d think we’d focus on the Ossetians, you know, the people whose territory is at the heart of the matter. And they are, if anything, pro-Russian. They basically want a large degree of autonomy for the province, but they decidedly do not want to be an integrated part of Georgia. Georgia has repeatedly staked their claim to the territory, preference of its citizens be damned, and that’s led to the situation wherein the Ossetians essentially asked the Russians to send a peacekeeping force. And the current situation started when Georgia sent troops into South Ossetia, essentially to occupy the territory against the will of the Ossetians.

Even considering that the Russian reaction was widely disproportional and certainly went outside any justifiable boundaries, I’m still having a hard time ginning up sympathy for Georgia, who should have known better.