Oh Noes! It’s the E-Word!

I have sort of not really paid much attention to the tire gauge flap, because it’s ridiculously stupid, but the response Obama rolled out yesterday was really a great hatchet to take to the Republican “policy” agenda as a whole. It’s almost so obvious that it seems needless to say.

But alas, the immediate reaction is to fear that by pointing out the obvious, that Republicans take pride in being ingnorant and indifferent to facts and/or consequences, he risks being branded with the dread e-card. Which I don’t really understand, because, isn’t automotive infatuation and self-maintenance part of that fabled white working class male stereotype? And so if we’re laboring under the auspices of our stereotypes, doesn’t Middle America know that keeping proper pressure in their tires and keeping their engines well tuned saves on gas? So if they’re actually paying attention to this flap, they’re hearing one guy say something that is apparently really basic and obviously true, and another guy hitting them for it. Assuming they’re moderate-to-low information voters, wouldn’t that sort of endear the guy who they recognize as being right to them more than the dunderhead who doesn’t even know that keeping your tires inflated saves gas?