OH-15 Update

SurveyUSA polls the most interesting Congressional race in the country, and finds Democratic County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy leading Republican State Senator Steve Stivers narrowly.

Independent candidate Don Eckhart comes in at 7%, but looking at the data this appears to be an anomaly. Eckhart is basically a crazy person running primarily as a hardline pro-lifer, and yet his support his support is split evenly between people who identify as pro-life and pro-choice. Basically I think what we have here is a manifestation of the principle of “Independents and the low information voter.” That is, a certain number of unaffiliated voters don’t really know that much about the race, and so when the pollsters identifies a candidate as an independent, they reflexively voice support for them in the same way a Democrat refelexively supports a Democrat, or a Republican supports a Republican. I don’t expect Don Eckhart to be much of a factor in this race as the fall comes around.