No McCain in Indiana

Nate has a sweet scoop:

A Democratic partisan in Indiana e-mailed to alert me to the Obama campaign’s organizaing efforts in the Hoosier State. Obama presently has 14 field offices open in Indiana, and according to both my source and an article in the Indianapolis Star, has plans to open about a dozen more. The head of Obama’s field operations in Indiana is Emily Parcell, who was Obama’s political director in the Iowa caucuses.

The McCain campaign, meanwhile, has no offices in Indiana, and doesn’t have plans to open any.

There’s 2 ways to look at this; either the McCain campaign thinks Indiana won’t matter, in a context where, if Obama wins Indiana, he’ll have the national election put away regardless, or that they’re very hard pressed for money, so far that they can’t necessarily afford to defend turf Obama may make competitive. In any event, Indiana looks competitive, and if Obama is going to make Bayh his VP, McCain will probably be so far behind in the ground game as to have lost the state from the get go.

Not that I’m endorsing Bayh.