No Bayh?

Obama’s extended stay in Indiana is over, and CNN thinks that the Bayh factor is worn out.

Not that I was pulling for Bayh or anything, but at this point I have to say that I think Obama, and McCain for that matter, have basically handled the VP selection process as bad as just about anyone I can remember. The scheduling anomalies, planted leaks, whisper campaigns, and so forth were way too much, and in this regard I think they both tried to overplay the media.You can only get away with “crying wolf” so much before people stop getting worked up, and now both candidates have essentially taken away the possibility of making big splashes with their VP candidates because of the calendar. Which, if anything, hints to me that we’re going to be looking at a couple of dull Vice Presidential nominees. Here’s betting on Biden for Obama, and someone like Rob Portman for McCain. Which is very poorly played by Obama, because the Republican convention comes after the Democratic gathering, and if McCain rolls out a nationally unknown nominee then, the media will devote the Sunday shows and maybe a couple of days in the week after to exploring this “new face.” And because the Republican convention immediately follows the Democratic convention, Obama wouldn’t have the same luxury. So here’s hoping they roll out their pick in surprising fashion today or tomorrow, and don’t totally botch a traditonal bounce factor.