More POW Lies?

Even though he does it all the time, it’s still considered a little inappropriate to wonder if John McCain is ever lying when he invokes some story about his POW experience. Nevertheless, it was noticed that McCain’s story about the guard drawing the cross in the dirt at Christmas time is rather remarkably similar to a story in The Gulag Archipelago. Contra Digby, I think this is really a potentially huge deal, and that bloggers should pursue it as much as they can, because the Obama campaign can’t and the media probably won’t. In short, McCain’s entire campaign is based on his POW experience, he uses it to deflect nearly all criticism of him as a candidate, and it’s probably generally effective with swing voters. But if it’s exposed clearly and indisputably that McCain constantly lies about the experience to earn political points, then the “honorable” John McCain is a thing of the past, and McCain is politically finished.

In that vein, Hilzoy has a really good catch, that leaves me thinking even more that McCain lifted the story for his own ends.