More on Liebermann, and Novak Caught Lying

I’ve always sort of wondered why no one ask if the reason Robert Novak turns out to be totally wrong so often is that a lot of his “reporting” is simply making things up and having them published. Well Jonathan Martin pretty much confirms that, yes, that just might be it.

A report out today that Joe Lieberman warned John McCain against selecting him to be on the GOP ticket is “totally and absolutely false,” according to a Lieberman source who contacted Politico.

On that note, I was giving some thought to whether or not McCain would actually pick Liebermann, and the more I think about it, the more I just don’t think he can, no matter how much he wants to. Unlike, say, Tom Ridge, the problem isn’t that Liebermann is pro-choice specifically, the problem is that on everything but foreign policy Liebermann agrees with Barack Obama. Much has been made of the fact that VP’s tend to be the ticket’s attack dogs, so you have to ask yourself how exactly Liebermann would be able to fill the role. Is he going to attack Barack Obama’s positions on carbon pricing, energy, healthcare, taxes, social issues, and basically everything other than bombing lots and lots of countries? It seems pretty unlikely to me, seeing as how Liebermann agrees with those positions. Likewise, what exactly would Liebermann debate with Joe Biden? I seriously doubt that, whoever the┬ápick is, the McCain campaign wants them going 90 solid minutes with Joe Biden on foreign policy.

On the other hand, I suppose it’s possible if McCain wants the last two months of the election to be completely about foreign policy, but I sort of doubt it.