More Clinton Drama?

I think people are letting the fact that anything that sounds like a “Clinton problem” get the best of them, as it seems that people are making way too big of a deal out of Bill Clinton’s speech. Look, to make a long story short, this is how these speeches work. The headline speakers all want to put their flair onto their remarks and make a splash, but the convention organizers and the nominee’s team want to keep them on message. And so people get told what to do, lines get cut, and speakers get peeved. It happened to Harold Ford in 2000, it happened to Obama in 2004. It’ll definitely happen to, say, Mark Warner, and Joe Biden’s speech is being written by the Vice-Presidential nominee’s staff, a staff Obama’s team hand picked.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton got a choice speaking slot, and she officially released all of her delegates. The roll call vote isn’t going to hurt anything, and in fact I think, over the long run, I think Democrats will look back on it as a truly proud moment for the party. So, as far as Democrats go, I’d recommend taking a deep breath and forgetting about the Clintons for a little while. They’re invested in Obama, they have to be.