Ezra doesn’t really see the point with so much media coverage at the conventions:

You often hear press types complain about cutbacks and “doing more with less,” but there are times when the news media would literally do a better job if there were fewer of them, and they had fewer pages and fewer hours to fill and a smaller campaign travel budget. Since there were thousands of them who needed to justify their Denver junket today, they all hyped up a couple dozen disgruntled Hillary supporters (meanwhile, the platform was adopted without a hitch). Four cameras trained on the stage would have been cheaper, and more informative and reflective of the actual events of the convention, than all the assembled reporters combined. And with the savings, they could have hired 200 news foreign correspondents.

But then journalists wouldn’t get to hang out at the swanky parties and rub elbows with the power players from Washington and all the other things they really do at the convention, on their corporate media outlet’s dime at that.

But, on some level, I think I could tolerate it slightly if they were actually covering the convention.