Milbank Update

I had wondered how relations were going to be between Keith Olbermann and Dana Milbank after the latter’s infamous “presumptuos” column, and now┬áI see that Milbank has left Countdown in response to not being invited on the show until he corrected his error in quoting Obama.

Seriously, how sad is it that a full bore partisan like Keith Olbermann is, thus far, the only prominent figure in the media willing to actually punish Milbank for making a factual error, or maybe more specifically, for adamantly refusing to correct the error. I mean, everyone makes mistakes, and if someone had actually fed Milank the inaccurate quote, then it’s perfectly understandable to make the mistake rushing to print. But refusing to admit that it was, in fact, an error is absolutely indefensible. Also, it turns out that Milbank, in a chat feature on the Post’s website, accused the Democratic operatives who were at the meeting of lying after the fact in correcting the quote, to help Obama save face. But the fact that the correct quote ran in the WSJ before Milbank’s column, and attributed at that, exposes that as a blatant, baseless lie. If Milbank doesn’t deserved to be fired from the Post, then we might as well decide that there is no penalty, ever, for journalistic malpractice.