McCain’s VP

I think people are trying to make way too much out of location in the rollout of McCain’s VP, namely that he’s going from Dayton, OH to Washington, PA. The two cities really aren’t that similar. Dayton is fairly Urban, even if the Nutter Center isn’t exactly in the middle of Dayton, with a substantial urban population. Washington is kind of rural, right around the I-70/I-79 interchange, in between Wheeling and Morgantown, West Virginia. And I really doubt either says anything about the pick himself, as I sort of doubt you’d naturally announce Rob Portman or Tom Ridge in Dayton.

On other matters, I think Tim Pawlenty is pretty clearly out of contention. He’s got no foreign policy knowledge whatsoever, which would make for a massacre in the Vice-Presidential debate that would kill McCain’s anti-Obama narrative. My sense is that it’s either Romney or Liebermann, and I don’t think that McCain wants to pick Romney.