McCain’s Olympic Ad

So I caught McCain’s Olympic ad during the Games last night, and my God is it awful. It’s awful in it’s own context to be sure, it doesn’t make any sort of pivot in tone between the dark, somber attack on Obama and the half-hearted attempt to look like the McCain camp is interested in their own policies, but in the context of running during the Olympics it’s evev worse. For perspective, the ad before it was the McDonald’s ad feuaturing the two kids waging epic kung-fu battle over the McNugget, and the commercial after it was the great picture of unity, Coke’s Lebron-Yao ad. And right between those charming, uplifting ads you get that downer. Talk about being tone deaf.

Obama’s isn’t necessarily great, but it’s very good in the context of the Olympics, focusing for the first 15-20 seconds on American ingenuity and abilities. You could watch at least the first half of the ad and not know it’s a campaign commercial. It’s bright, upbeat, and positive. I’d feel pretty good about the television contrast in the Olympic breaks if I were with Obama.