McCain Was a POW

Did you know John McCain was a POW? And that that’s why his taste in music ends with ABBA, and he still claims “Dancing Queen” as his favorite song? Spencer Ackerman has more:

What? McCain was shot down in 1967. ABBA began making music in 1972. Don’t try this shit on me, McCain! Your POW experience has nothing to do with your Partridgey musical taste.

I’m sort of surprised myself that people aren’t already wise to this game McCain has literally perfected in the last 8 years. To sum it up, he takes some silly question in a jovial context, or some local reference, that’s in no way shape or form related and drops in a gratuitous reference to his imprisonment. And then 8 or 9 times out of 10 if you go back and scrutinize it you discover that it’s not true on the face. This comment is the latest, and probably one of the most shameless, since as Ackerman points out, ABBA wasn’t on the music scene until 5 years after McCain was shot down. Obviously this isn’t something you “misremember,” especially assuming you have a very vivid memory of the circumstances surrounding such a major event in your life. McCain just made up a story to work a POW reference into a discussion about ABBA, of all things.

To be honest, this wouldn’t really bother me if, A), it wasn’t such a gratuitous pattern and, B), commentors didn’t fall for it. The most recent example that got a little attention was McCain’s claim that the Pittsburgh Steelers got him through his time in Hanoi, when in his biography he’d claimed it was the Packers. Which, yes, is innocuos enough in isolation, but when you add it all together, it’s part of a clearly identifiable pattern of just simply making shit up in order to reference his POW time. And yet somehow we’re told McCain doesn’t like to talk about it.

Sometimes you wonder if reporters actually pay attention to politics.