Maybe We’re Trying To Hard

I have to confess, I don’t really see the outrage quotient in this:

Bill Clinton appeared to undermine Sen. Barack Obama again Tuesday. 

The former president, speaking in Denver, posed a hypothetical question in which he seemed to suggest that that the Democratic Party was making a mistake in choosing Obama as its presidential nominee.

He said: “Suppose for example you’re a voter. And you’ve got candidate X and candidate Y. Candidate X agrees with you on everything, but you don’t think that person can deliver on anything. Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues, but you believe that on the other half, the candidate will be able to deliver. For whom would you vote?”

Maybe I’m having trouble wit it, ironically, because that’s more or less exactly why I didn’t support Clinton. I’d say that, from healthcare to lobbyists, I probably agreed with her more than Obama, but I thought thay her personal popularity problems and the Clinton posse’s lack of understanding in terms of party building would make it hard for her to pass any bold legislative agenda, much like Bill was unable to pass many major, progressive, billsduring his tenure.