Markos Limbaugh?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it seems that everytime I venture to check out Markos, he’s making a half-cocked remark that’s either not particularly well thought out in its ramifacations, or is just factually inaccurate. This is the latest:

Ahh, so this is how you get Politico’s Ben Smith ( to cover an anti-Obama smear book while ignoring the McCain books currently on the stands.

I wrote up the Obama book because, as I wrote in the piece, I was given exclusive access to it by the publisher, and its contents were news.

So it’s all about “exclusive access”! You get it, you have to write about it and exclude everything else, lest your journalistic license be revoked! Or get 40 lashes from Karl Rove. Or something.

It’s rather juvenile in and of itself, by “exclusive access” Smith means the sort thing in which publishers deal with certain outlets, and that’s why certai outlets review certain books, and others don’t, but Markos compounds it by trying a bit of righteous snark, which winds up on his face:

For Ben’s information, the best McCain book might be Matt Welch’s McCain: Myth of a Maverick, reviewed by SusanG here. Granted, Welch’s publisher didn’t “work the refs” or give Ben Smith an “exclusive”, but still, that doesn’t mean it’s not newsworthy.

The problem? Politico did review Myth of a Maverick.

I don’t mean to come across like I’m hating on Markos these days, but I think it’s very important that these sorts of things be remarked upon by the center-left, and liberal commentators have to be held to account for these sorts of inaccuracies, lest the netrots quickly become the talk radio of the left.