Learn From Your Mistakes

So apparently, here’s how this is going to work; McCain puts out an ad about celebrity with Obama compared to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and Josh Marshall screams racism. Obama dips in the polls, as people react to the “race card” being played. And apparently it never occurs to anyone that Paris and Britney are simply unpopular (I mean really, who the hell thinks Britney Spears is still a sex symbol?). So McCain doubles down on another celeb ad, and Marhall is talking about the “racial/sexual massaging” all over again.

Here’s my question to Marshall; of every potential voter in the country who might care about black men pillaging the white women, how many of them aren’t already Republicans, or at least Republican leaners? I’m going to bet not many. And I’ll bet that even fewer are so much as considering voting for Barack Obama. In short, the idea that McCain would target an ad to win the racist vote is pretty silly, because McCain’s already got it locked down and there’s no room to grow at the margins. As Adam Serwer points out, the McCain campaign simply hit a homerun with the celeb ad, right down to the baiting aspect of it that you fell for hook, line, and sinker…and so they’re going back to the well. And you’re obliging.