Just Wondering

Like Matt, I’m sort of curious what exactly the merits of the cable news coverage of the convention is. I mean, why exactly would you devote all of this airtime to the convention, if you’re just going to have the same people we see everyday talking about the same things they’ve talked about for months in a different setting? It seems that, if you were going to cover the convention, there’d be more merit to actually covering the convention. But this seems even more important in the long run:

 And of course that’s arguably better than watching Glenn Beck call Mitt Romney a socialist without any contradiction from Wolf Blitzer — that programming is directly misleading; taking it seriously would leave you less informed than if you’d just played XBox.

This is really the biggest problem with cable news; the “commentators,” especially the conservative ones, make really crazy claims that viewers see and digest, the “journalists,” who are supposed to be very serious people, don’t call them on it, and if you take in no other sources of information than cable news, you’re actually dumber for watching it. It’ almost worse than talk radio, because at least talk radio doesn’t pretend you won’t become a mind numbed robot for listenting to it everyday.