Judicial Politics

I have to say I thought that Rick Warren’s questioning of the candidates on which SCOTUS judges they would not have voted for was probably the best part of the night. It was both unique, you almost never seen the issue framed that way, and instructive as to how deeply both candidates think through their answers. Obama answered with one justice, Clarence Thomas, and had a sound enough reason, that he was neither qualified nor a particularly able legal thinker, whereas McCain simply rattled off the 4 most consistently liberal members of the bench, Stevens, Ginsburg, Souter, and Breyer. In other words, Obama thought about the question and did his best to answer, McCain regurgitated a semblance of a talking point one of his conservative advisers had given him at some point.

And that’s without even bothering to point out that McCain voted for 3 of those 4 justices, and in regards to the 4th (Stevens), he wasn’t yet a member of the Senate for the confirmation.