Joba Chamberlain and Rangers Ballpark

So the word on Joba Chamberlain is that he’s having an MRI done, and he might miss his next start, which really sucks. But a larger factor this reminds me of is how incredibly absurd it is to have an open air ballpark in Arlington, TX. There’s just no excuse not to have at least a retractable roof on a stadium in that climate. The 2 most comparable teams, Arizona and Houston, both have retractable roofs, and of course Houston’s previous stadium was a pure dome. And what’s the difference between them and Texas? Houston and Arizona have both been to the World Series in the past decade, while Texas has never won a playoff series. That’s not really an accident. When it’s 100 degrees after the sun goes down and your guys have to play approximately half of their games in late June through early September in that sort of weather, they’re going to break down and have a higher rate of fatigue than other teams. And getting quality strating pitching production in those conditions is just absolutely impossible, to say nothing of being borderline dangerous for guys to be out there throwing 6-7 innings in that sort of weather, especially visiting pithcers who aren’t acclamated to the heat. It’s one thing if Rangers’ ownership doesn’t care if it adversely effects their team’s performance, but there’s no reason the other 29 teams in the league should have to deal with the prospect of putting their starting pitchers, or their players in general, through that sort of nonsense. Major League Baseball should collectively lay down the law to the Rangers, and force them to enclose the stadium for particularly hot days.