Jean Schmidt: Lying Like Fish Swim

Ok, politicians tell half truths. Or they tailor language carefully to avoid actually saying anything. Or they just skip the pretense and outright lie. But Jean Schmidt, (R-OH), takes that to a new level. Schmidt is of course famous for calling John Murtha a coward on the House floor, but somewhat lost in the hubbub of defending Murtha against the outrageous smear was the fact that the premise it was based on, that an Iraq veteran had asked her to pass along the message, was simply not true. Then, Schmidt was reprimanded by the Ohio Board of Elections for lying about having a special degree from the University of Cincinnati. Schmidt also managed to lie about her opponent lying, in disputing that Paul Hackett would have been the first veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom to serve in Congress. And here’s the latest, from TPM:

Okay, here are two new twists on the GOP myth that China is drilling for oil off America: We now have a GOP Rep. who is apparently raising campaign cash off the tall tale — and as an added bonus, her campaign tried to deny she ever did this!

The culprit is good old Rep. Jean Schmidt, the Ohio Republican who famously called Jack Murtha a coward. In her fundraising letter — which you can read here — she blasts unnamed liberals who have “decided to come after me because I stood on the House Floor and pointed out that Cuba was drilling off our shores.”

“Now whether they are drilling on the coast of Cuba or offshore less than 60 miles from Florida,” Schmidt later adds, “it doesn’t change the fact that the Communists in China understand the laws of supply and demand more than the Democrats.”

When we contacted Schmidt’s campaign a few days ago, Schmidt spokesperson Bruce Pfaff denied it was hers: “That does not appear to be from Congresswoman Schmidt’s campaign,” he said.

But it sure looks like hers. It was sent our way by the campaign of Schmidt’s opponent, Victoria Wulsin, who in turn got it from a local supporter who confirmed to us today that he’d received it in the mail a week ago.

And when we took this info back to Schmidt’s spokesperson, he suddenly clammed up and refused to discuss the matter on the record any further. Wonder why?

The ease with which Jean Schmidt, and the people around her, blatently lie is unsettling even in politics. I certainly hope the people in OH-2 finally kick the embarrassment out, and if the heavily Republican district doesn’t, I honestly wouldn’t oppose an effort by the House itself to remove Schmidt from the body for her conduct.