Don’t Get Crazy

Ta-Nehisi puts some logic behind the idea of Hillary as VP, and I say people are taking these things too deeply, and losing perspective. The problem is that this isn’t the way to counter GOP attacks. If Democrats are going to try to get down in the dirt and go blow for blow, they’ll lose. Much like the aftermath of Josh Marshall brining up the “white women” issue in the aftermath of the Celebrity ad, and people subsequently saying they thought Obama played the race card. What they need is a coherent, “there you go again” line of rebuttal to effectively sum up the absurdity of the McCain campaign in a way that everyone watching understands. The best example of such a defense is “Noun, Verb, 9/11.” Biden could have responded with some long, hyperventilating, attack about how Giuliani was unqualified, corrupt, dictatorial, and the whole litany of things, but that would have gotten lost in the fray and people wouldn’t have gotten it. But the more simple, direct, and funny reference to Giuliani’s politicization of 9/11 was both memorable and understood by people watching, and no one ever looked at Rudy the same way again.

This isn’t another argument for Biden, by the way, just an attempt to keep everyone’s head on straight in terms of the direction responses to Republican attacks need to go to be effective.