You know, until about 5 minutes ago, I actually had quite a bit of respect for Ramesh Ponnuru. But apparently you can only ang out at The Corner so long before the stink sets in, because this is good hackery even there:

I filed a column for Time on the press’s pro-Obama bias before Lichter’s study came out. But the study doesn’t really cause me to doubt that the press prefers Obama to McCain and that this preference has affected the coverage but it does complicate the story. A story on how, say, “questions linger about Obama’s readiness to be commander-in-chief” would doubtless, and reasonably, be scored as a negative story by Lichter and company. But if that story minimizes Obama’s weakness on the issue, buys his spin on foreign policy, etc., it could still reflect bias in his favor—and that’s the type of bias that most conservative critics of the press have in mind.

You follow that? An actual study of media content doesn’t cause Ponnuru to doubt a thesis he put up devoid of any actual quantitative analysis, and just because the press is going harder on Obama doesn’t mean there not pro-Obama, because those negative stories could really be positive. Or something like that.

Well at least The Corner is still devoid of anyone who actually, you know, thinks.