Clinton’s Speech

There have been all sorts of parsings of Hillary’s task in the media today, and a general theme is emerging that she can’t win, but I think that’s really, amazingly, absurd. I actually think Hillary has a pretty simple task, and what she “has” to do is remarkably simple. She should talk about policy and agenda. She should talk about healthcare and women’s issues, climate change and getting out of Iraq. She should build the crowd to a crescendo on the litany of issues Democrats care about, and she should punctuate it with a clear call that the only way those goals are going to be accomplished are by electing Barack Obama President, and that’s why “Democrats,” and she should say “Demcorats,” as opposed to something like “all Democrats,” or singling herself out, need to work hard to elect Barack Obama President, and to support their Democratic Congressional candidates. In short, she should basically act like an elder statesperson of the party, and stake her claim to being the “new Ted Kennedy” as it were. The media might mangle it, but Obama’s people are apparently “very happy” with the speech as written.