Clinton’s Speech; The Morning After

So the main hand-wringing today seems to concern the idea that Hillary didn’t “personally endorse” Obama, like she did Biden, or as Michael Crowley (our hand-wringer-in-chief) went straight to, that she didn’t say he was “ready on day 1,” but I think this is fine. If she’d tried for a glowing “personal endorsement,”everyone would have said it was too much, that she faked it, that it wasn’t sincere, blah, blah, blah. As for explicitly calling him qualified (and Rudy Giuliani was harping this), I don’t think you can really come out less than 3 months later and completely reverse what had been the centerpiece of your campaign, and that’s a lesson about negative campaigning in primaries.

Anyway, I thought the whole thing was really good. She used her campaign effectively, reminding people how invested they were in the substance, and I suppose implying that if you don’t support Obama, you’re basically turning on everything she believes in, which was probably effective to any bona fide holdouts who could be persuaded. She got the best digs thus far in at McCain, and I have a feeling a lot of Democrats are going to be riffing the “Twin cities” pun during the Republican convention. So I thought it was great, I thought it worked, and I don’t think Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama have a problem with Democrats.

Bill on the other hand… 

And oh yeah, I didn’t see what was so great about Schweitzer’s performance, but everyone else loved it, so alright.