Check Your Memes

E. J. Dionne is the latest to jump on the “McCain should act like [British conservative leader David] Cameron” bandwagon, and it’s still a really silly meme, no matter how many really serious people echo it. Without delving too far into the details, the simple fact is that, as a nation, the United Kingdom is well to the left of the United States, on the domestic front anyway, and as a result the so called “center-right” in the UK is somewhere around the median of the Democratic Party in the US on the ideological scale. Simply put, the center-right positions of the Tories in the UK, modest reforms to the healthcare system and welfare state in general, while accepting the reality of said state, not only acknowledgement of, but comprehensive plans to deal with cliamte change, a lessening focus on social issues like gay issues, abortion, stem cells, and so on, would have the right wing talkers running Cameron down as the kind of socialist that makes Nancy Pelosi look palatable.

So while I do assume that Dionne and the other really serious types in the punditry imagine that these sorts of grand, global arguments make them look really smart and well read to the rubes reading it, in all reality the sheer demonstration of ignorance of issues and the differences between politics in the US and Europe just make them look insular and clueless about the rest of the world. But the title rocks.