I don’t really share the blogosphere’s total disdain for David Broder, I give the man a lot of credit for being a terrific reporter for the most part, and so far as journalism goes, the Washington Post might be at the top of the mountain in the American press, but that said the man really is downright absurd when he tries to offer up “analysis,” and his latest is probably a textbook example of how Beltway journalists view elections, and above all else, “process.”

In short, he takes a look at the negative campaign going on now without mentioning the McCain campaign’s lie about Obama’s troop visit, the tire gauge flap, or his Celeb/Messiah ads. Which means he covers all of about 2 things, Obama “playing the race card,” (and once again, McCain’s money ads go unmentioned in the discussion), and McCain saying Obama would lose a war to lose an election, which Obama brings up. And somewhat amazingly, he seems to come to the conclusion that it’s all Obama’s fault, for turning down McCain’s challenge to do 10 townhall debates. I’m sure the fact that they would have written a lot of Broder’s stories for him between now and the election doesn’t have anything to do with him still being sore over that.

Anyway, you’ve really got to read the entire, non-sensical, thing for yourself.