Backlash Backlash?

Nate Silver asks the right question about the effects of John McCain’s wedge strategy:

This ought to be a lot of fun. And frankly, I have no idea what to expect. I could see the ad being very effective. But it also tosses a big softball to Hillary Clinton, who will speak to a national audience on Tuesday. The risk to the Republicans can be summarized in five words: “Shame on You, John McCain”. A finger-wagging, how-dare-you moment by either of the Clintons at the convention — but especially Hillary — could be both effective and therapeutic, especially when coupled with a reminder that McCain voted against measures like SCHIP (and voted to impeach her husband).

I’m really scratching my head here, wondering what Steve Schmidt is thinking. Now, obviously, in the short run it’s a shameless ploy to try to step on the Democratic Convention by goading reporters into talking incessantly about angry Clinton voters. But, in the long run, do they have a contingency plan if Hillary uses her speech to blast John McCain and/or the idea that her supporters aren’t committed Democrats? What do they do when she stands there and reminds her supporters that John McCain adamantly opposes pretty much everything, from equal pay and reproductive rights to universal healthcare and universal pre-K, that Clinton had ostensibly been campaigning so hard for? I mean, that’s what they said it was about right? This strikes me as a really dangerous game of roulette, basically banking that Hillary, or Bill for that matter, won’t call them out on it.